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    We offer Virtual Estimates!

    A “virtual estimate” is a term we use to refer to the creation of a price quote for your painting project developed from a remote site, or not at the location of the project. At ProPainters Inc, our top priority is to keep our customers and our crews safe and healthy. While we continue to innovate and create new ways of serving our customers, offering virtual estimates is one of the many ways we are adapting to better serve our customers.

    Click here to learn more about the steps we are taking to protect our customers and our teams.

    Benefits of Virtual Estimates:

    1. Avoids in-person interaction.  
    • Measurements and project details will be collected via phone, Facetime, Zoom, or whatever communication method works best for you. The quote will be emailed, so you can review it and ask questions.
    1. Helps you check projects off your to-do list while following stay-at-home orders.
    • Getting a price quote and deciding who to hire can often be the lengthiest part of the painting process, and thanks to virtual estimating, we can work together to complete this step.
    • Then, based on local guidelines and your schedule, we will schedule the painting work to be completed. It is basically like reserving your spot inline!
    • Or, if the work is to be completed exclusively outdoors, it’s possible that work could begin now since interaction with teams would be unnecessary. This would be determined by the specifics of your area’s restrictions.

    How to Schedule a Virtual Estimate

    1. Online – Our online scheduler allows you to pick the date and time for your estimate. After you select your time and input your contact information, we ask that you select the  “Virtual Estimate” check box. You will receive a confirmation email and phone call regarding the time slot you selected.
    1. Phone Call – You can also call 612-388-4549 and simply request a virtual estimate by phone. You will also receive a confirmation email with the time slot for which you are scheduled.

    What if I Prefer an In-Person Estimate?

    We understand; sometimes technology does not replace in-person interactions. We actually prefer them. In general, on-site estimates can still be completed for Exterior projects, as well as vacant buildings like unoccupied residences and closed businesses or schools.

    Give it a Shot and Support Local!  

    If you have a painting project in mind, we invite you to schedule your free estimate with ProPainters Inc. and experience a virtual estimate for yourself! Whether it is in person or over the phone, we deliver a five-star quality customer experience to everyone we reach. ( Our Reviews Prove It  🙂

    Support your local businesses by contacting ProPainters Inc. today!

    952-567-1031 or CLICK HERE to book now!

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