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High-Quality Residential & Commercial Painting Since 1995

ProPainters Inc.’s mission goes beyond painting. We strive for the highest industry standards, best reputation for hard work and dedication, and most importantly, we are about people; whether it’s our families, our customers, or our co-workers, we care for them. The ProPainters family does it by THE BOOK.

Our vision is simple. We strive to provide the highest quality service in meeting the needs of our clients.

Family – Family is the reason that we get out of bed every morning, work hard every day, and rest well knowing we made our family proud.
Trust – We know that trust is important and we want you to be at peace knowing your project is in good hands.
Integrity – We have consistent values and standards that we uphold even when no one is looking.
Quality – Because we want your project to be the best on the block, we strive to exceed the industry standards to deliver the best service and experience.
Faithfulness – It is the foundation that all these things rest upon.

About ProPainters Inc.

ProPainters Inc, a Neighborly company, is closely monitoring COVID-19 (coronavirus) and its impact on our community. The health and safety of our customers is our highest priority during these times. While we cannot control the severity or unpredictability of this virus, we can take preventive measures to limit the spread and impact of COVID-19. We are currently acting with prudence in our day-to-day operation with basic preventative safety measures following the guidance set forth by the U.S. Federal Government, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and other health agencies, including:

  • Cleaning hands with soap often, for at least 20 seconds.
  • Using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.
  • Keeping the recommended 6 feet from people.
  • Cleaning frequently touched surfaces.
  • Covering cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throwing the tissue in the trash.
  • Staying home when sick.

We encourage our customers to let us know in advance of an appointment if there are any concerns or they would like us to take special precautions. We will continue to closely monitor the situation surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus and act accordingly.

What can you do:

Follow these tips from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to help prevent the spread of the seasonal flu and respiratory diseases like Coronavirus (COVID-19): CDC Coronavirus Website

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact your local ProPainters Inc office at 612-388-4549.

Paint Your Home or Business with ProPainters Inc!

At ProPainters Inc, we understand the importance of color. From a fresh exterior paint job that improves the curb appeal of your home or business to interior paint that brings style and feeling to your daily life, paint can make all the difference. Don’t put off that painting project any longer, call the professionals at ProPainters Inc and start enjoying your freshly painted home sooner than later.

Contact ProPainters Inc for a Free Estimate

If you are ready to get started on your painting project, contact ProPainters Inc. to schedule your free in-person or virtual estimate. Our convenient online calendar allows you to choose the date and time that works with your schedule. Our team will show up at the scheduled time and provide you with an exact price estimate for the job you have in mind. Estimates are always free and provided at no obligation. We also provide a free professional color consultation.

Schedule Online or call at (612)-388-4549 today to get started!

Why Should I Choose ProPainters Inc?

Good question! We believe we’re a step above the competition and that you can have confidence in choosing us. This starts with an exact estimate based on actual measurements of your project, then followed up with a thorough walk-through and a 2-year warranty. We pride ourselves in taking extra special care of our customers: read what some of our customers have said about our work!

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Get To Know Us

Jason & Lisa Daly

As owner and creator of ProPainters, Inc, Jason has poured his many years of experience and business acumen into this painting enterprise. Jason is an avid racing fan and enjoys spending  time outside. He and the love of his life, wife Lisa, spend time with their grandchildren to whom he is affectionately known as “Paw-Paw”. Lisa is the foundational strength working behind the scenes as a problem solver and supporter and is a pretty good painter in her own right. Together, they built the team of skilled professionals who work with integrity, value, and passion.

Brent S.
HR | Inspections

As a long time friend and mentor, Brent brings vision, stability, and implementation to the organization. He has an unsurpassed passion for everything he does including his great love of the outdoors; catching fish, winning golf tournaments, or making trails through the woods. Brent is part of a very closely knit family and through his skilled guidance in our tool box meetings, safety inspections, or simply attention, each of our team members are made to feel like part of it. Brent keeps our group cohesive and safe.

Ben Heuring
Sr. Sales Manager

What can we say about Ben?! Before joining the ProPainters Team, Ben was our paint sales rep. I could tell right away that he had a passion for this industry and that he cared about Us and wanted to see us succeed. Ben has taken his accumulated knowledge from the industry to be a part of the ProPainters Inc. family as our Sales Manager. His home away from home is the gym; he finds great joy in working on himself physically and mentally. He has transitioned his focus into the best future for him and his wife, Kayla, as they plan on starting their family in the near future. We are impressed with how fast he has picked up on our systems and implemented his own Professional style to every aspect of his position. We are excited to go into the future with Ben as part of the family!

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